Créée par estas en mi barrio. GO and to release it on the workshop. The Terrorist carrying the C4 must destroy one of the bomb targets. My first map, hope you’ll like it: Textures for original map created by Macman.

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This map took It has 3 levels. The counter terrorist SAS prepared an assault to intercept and stop these illegal activities. Giving Piranesi a much deserved visual upgrade allowed for drastic chan A two day art project of mine based on the architecture and style of Mirror’s Edge:

It’s like the wild west out there! Terrorists are on a mission to bring mayhem to the Bloodstrike.bso Area Zoo. Une collection de objets créés par.

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Terrorist setup HQ in a rugged motel and it’s your job to stop them. Armsrace, Demolition and Deathmatch are available as well. I designed this map for a casual type of gameplay for large servers, altough it me be played in competitive settings too since the timings are fairly similar to dust2’s.

The skybox is entirely open, allowing crazy na While trying to get to a safe house They find that the roads have been blocked and sas has been dispatched to retake the hostages.



Play it over on the servers here: I don’t know how to port map from cs 1. This a defuse map featuring 2 bombsites. Based on my previous CS: This is not my map, all credits to original creators.

map cs bloodstrike.bsp cs 1.6

A group of heavily armed patriots known only as « Vanilla Isis » have decided to launch a rebellion against their tyrannical government! GO to the best of my ability.

This map is in work in progress and is constantly getting updates. Hostage rescue mission Hostages have been taken in a luxury river front sports complex Special thanks to OrnateBaboon for feedback and testing and the Mapcore. I rework this map for my community, but i’m glad to share it with other people. CT passage to B now has second entra Since the lighting will be « faint » mostly white walls will be used and warm li Back from nightfever you’ll find yourself Designed to give Terrorists a fair amount choice on how to push bomb sites while giving Counter Terrorists good op A Wingman map set inside a Waterfall Residence.

Server public cs 1.6 Fun et souvent un admin dessu

A competitive bkoodstrike.bsp where CTs must protect the quaint little mountain town from an ever-growing corporate monster that’s hiring terrorists to blow stuff up Watch a trailer for the level here! Terrorists have taken hostages in local swimming centre!


This Map is for 32 Player. Créée par Top 10 Bread. Features improved graphics, extended routes and more.

The city is divided on the issue of the new western companies taking over large sections of the city, are they good or are they bad?

I have noticed however it’s missing a radar and the range is a bit too far so a shorter version of the map complete with a radar will be released soon Still a work in progress, any bugs posted will be fixed. Veuillez vous référer à la page d’instructions pour connaître les raisons pour lesquelles cet objet peut ne pas fonctionner bloodstrike.bs; Counter-Strike: A small bomb defuse map with two bomb sites.

Added snow theme and Skybox whilst changing as little of the map layout as possible.

map cs bloodstrike.bsp cs 1.6

I will try to edit any bugs or glitches or even tweaks to the best of my ability. Special thanks to Valve Software, http: ClassicDeathmatchCustom.

map cs bloodstrike.bsp cs 1.6

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